Vinegar Production


We carefully manage the production of our products respecting our long tradition, but with the advantages of the latest technology.

Wine vinegar over time was accompanied by the production of Balsamic who in 1939 was asked by America by Italian immigrants coming from the Apennines of Modena. The development of balsamic vinegar goes hand in hand with thecompany’s expansion into foreign markets. Today, as in the beginning the production is managedcarefully, with full respect for tradition, but with the advantages of the latest technology.

The company directly controls more than 90% of the raw materials necessary for production, usingtanks with total capacity of 60 million liters for the storage of raw materials, and 20 million liters for the storage of finished products.

Are currently active in the various locations of the Group 15 automatic bottling lines and 3 lines for special products, distributed in two production sites in Afragola, in the province of Naples – the historical site of the company – and Carpi, near Modena – home of ‘Balsamic Vinegar – where since 1997, is the seat of the Italian Modena vinegar making.

The company is included in an agricultural areawith about 3 km of internal roads, enriched withvineyards, farms typical of the low, and aging sitesincluded in “houses” period for more than 40thousand square meters. An intervention extremely respectful of the landscape, which has allowed the expansion of production of Balsamic Vinegar ofModena IGP, without impacting on the ecosystem”farmer.”

The establishment of Carpi has a real record as well as being the first to aging capacity in oak with about 10 million liters, has managed to build oak vats as high as 7 meters for a unit capacity of 100,000 liters.


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    January 15, 2016

    I cannot find/but your white wine Italian herbs vinegar anyplace anymore in my area! Used to find it at Walmart but no longer. Can I buy several bottles of just that one directly from you?

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