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Roasted Okra

Pubblicato il 04 November 2015

Every good southern girl knows that okra is something you eat regardless if you like it or not. It’s a southern staple. As a kid I didn’t like the slimy texture of smothered okra (I don’t know many kids who do) but would gobble up fried okra when we went to Luby’s Cafeteria.

Last summer, we were on vacation in Tennessee and stopped at a BBQ restaurant. They served their okra whole and roasted on their grill. I was in love. Roasting took out the slimy texture and serving it whole turned it into a finger food. I knew I had to try this at home.

I like this method of preparing okra because it is so simple. Plus, fall is the perfect time of year for okra since the southern crops are at their peak. Find fresh okra in the store or at your local farmer’s market.

Roasted Okra