Crackin' Chickpeas

Posted on 21 November 2015

We’re a snacking family. Whether watching TV, working on a project, or doing homework, we love to munch and crunch our way through a good snack. Finding one that is healthy-ish and that we all enjoy is a never-ending task. Of course, we have had our share of vegetable and fruit trays and more than a few cheesy dips with store bought chips. That typical fare becomes tiresome.

Recently, I picked up a bag of flavored chickpeas at the store. They seemed like a solid choice for the family because we all enjoy crunchy snacks. But the spices were overpowering and powdery. No one enjoyed eating a hand full of crunchy spice powder. The ingredients list on the packaging was full of words I had to sound out phonetically. Surely, I could make a delicious chickpea snack without much muss or fuss --- and I was correct! I’m happy to share my recipe with you!

Chickpeas Just Out of Oven 2