Figgy Old Fashioned

Posted on 19 October 2015

After starting them in my garden three years ago, I finally have mature figs. Believe it or not, prior to this season I’ve never eaten a fig. I have had, however, a Fig Newton, which I find delightful. You can imagine my disappointment when, after three years of waiting, I discovered that I don’t like fresh figs. Their extremely sweet flavor far exceeds my admittedly mediocre sweet tooth.

After confessing my dislike for figs on my Facebook page, a number of friends shared with me their favorite ways to enjoy this sugar bomb. Every suggestion included either a savory element or something exceptionally bland, like oatmeal. From those suggestions I moved forward with my plan to find a way to consume the fig. I thought to myself, “If it works with savory, then it should pair famously with liquor.” (To be honest, a lot of my culinary thoughts go in this direction.)Figgy Old Fashioned collage 650pxl - Copy

This Figgy Old Fashioned is the perfect fall drink. It is refreshing enough to drink during these still-warm days as we transition to autumn. In this recipe, De Nigris Platinum Balsamic vinegar replaces the bitters that are normally in an old fashioned drink. The richness of this smooth, sweet vinegar offers, in my humble opinion, an even better flavor than bitters that are used in the classic version.

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