Rainbow Trout in Parchment

Posted on 07 September 2015

There are seven lakes sprinkled throughout the village where I live. Some are so tiny that it is a wonder they are classified as lakes instead of ponds. Others are large enough for frenzied tube rides and skiing outings. I have lived on both and each have their merits.

When we lived on the small lake we loved the tree-lined drive that led to our home. Even though we were twenty minutes outside of town, you had that feeling that you had just escaped to your summer home. Only this home was everyday home. We were in awe of the experience. Depending on our mood, my husband and I would jump into our kayaks or the pontoon and whip out our ultra-light poles with the intent of catching dinner. Our lake was the deepest lake in the village and because of that, the fish and game department stocked it with rainbow trout and they survived the hot and humid summers of Northwest Arkansas. While most lake fish we had no problem with tossing back, whomever caught a trout had bragging rights.

Nowadays we head to our local market to purchase rainbow trout at a very fair market price that we can easily make part of our regular dinner routine. If you want to bring out the mild soft flavors of trout and marry it with complimentary vegetables that will round out your palate and please your guests, this recipe of rainbow trout folded up in parchment papers is both easy and delicious. It is also a complete meal as it has a base of brown rice with shredded vegetables topped with a mixture of olive oil and De Nigris organic white wine vinegar.

Post and recipe by nwaFoodie Lyndi Fultz