Roasted Fig Balsamic Italian Sausage with Grapes and Fennel by Aggie's Kitchen

Posted on 10 October 2015

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me about a dinner she made with roasted grapes. Would you believe I’ve been thinking of roasted grapes ever since then and have done nothing about it? Thankfully I came around to finally making it because this Roasted Fig Balsamic Italian Sausage with Grapes and Fennel turned out absolutely delicious. My family also agreed.

I love rustic meals like this. To me, it just screams coziness and should be paired with crusty bread, a warm fire and a bottle of wine. If you can’t pull off the fire, you can at least try for the bread and wine.


The flavors of the sausage, grapes and fennel paired with the natural sweetness of fig balsamic comes together perfectly. Although it may sound a little gourmet, I can assure you this is the kind of meal you can put together simply whether it be a busy weeknight or a Sunday dinner with family and friends. It’s perfect for entertaining as you can easily double the recipe for a dinner party. With the holiday season around the corner, dinner ideas like this are great to have in your back pocket.

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