Salami and Spinach Pizza on Socca Bread with Balsamic Glaze

Posted on 23 March 2016

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When you have a gluten sensitivity, there are things you really miss. Pizza, for example, is difficult to give up -- even if it causes you pain later! For people with celiac disease, gluten simply isn’t an option. For those of you cooking gluten-free for yourselves or your families, this recipe will curb your craving without any consequences. The crust for this pizza is socca bread made from garbanzo bean flour is also low-carb, so it’s a nice substitute if you’re watching your carb intake.

This recipe is easily adjusted to your craving. Use pepperoni, mozzarella and pizza sauce for a takeout alternative, or baby arugula, pancetta and fresh parmesan for something more exotic.

Socca bread crust (makes 4 personal pizzas) frying socca 650pxl

2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 cup chickpea flour
2 cup water
Dash of salt and pepper
Your choice of herbs or other add-ins

1. In a nonstick skillet, pour the oil and get it hot enough so that a drop of water dropped in sizzles immediately.
2. Mix water, flour and add-ins together until there are no lumps.
3. Pour half a cup of batter into the pan, about the size of a pancake.
4. Allow the bread to cook about halfway through and flip. It takes about 3 minutes per side, until the edges are crispy and golden.
5. Place bread on a large cookie sheet.

topping socca bread 650pxlIngredients:
15 bite size salami
1 cup parmesan
fresh, clean baby spinach

1. Preheat oven to 350°.
2. Top each crust with ¼ cup parmesan, spinach and salami.
3. Bake for 350° for 10 minutes.

Balsamic Glaze (if you do not have our award–winning Glaze on hand)

1 cup De Nigris Gold Balsamic Vinegar
¼ cup brown sugar

1. Place balsamic in a small sauce pan.
2. Bring to a boil.
3. Reduce and cook over medium heat until the glaze has reduced by half, about 20 minutes.
4. After removing the pizzas from the oven, drizzle the glaze on top and serve.

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Post by De Nigris family friend, Blogger Tiffany Selvey.