All Our Love ~ Meals for You and Your Valentine from De Nigris

Posted on 07 February 2017

Allow our De Nigris family help make your Valentine’s Day memorable. Couple your American traditions of flowers and candies with our Italian tradition of fine balsamic vinegar and romance for a delicious, memorable celebration.

Create romance with chocolate and balsamic. When joined, dark chocolate and balsamic vinegar make a decadent treat. Add berry syrup to make the treat better than a box of chocolates. Chocolate Brownies with Balsamic Berry Syrup

Put a new spin on Tiramisu. Perfect for a sweet Valentine’s Day breakfast. Balsamic Tiramisu

Enjoy a rich pie. A pie with maple syrup and fine balsamic vinegar is a perfectly acceptable treat for cupid’s day.
Maple Pecan Pie

Eat strawberries, of course. Valentine’s Day without strawberries would be a lot less scrumptious (or colorful). Scoop the ice cream, pour on the compote and mix a refreshing drink. You will see hearts all over these recipes. Balsamic Ribbon Ice Cream with Strawberry Compote , Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub

Delve into a fine cheese and fruit. Celebrate the day with unique recipes created when combining complementary ingredients of sweet fruit and cheese. These could become your new favorite traditions. Brie en Croute with Balsamic Marinated Cherries and Browned Butter Walnuts , Macerated Balsamic Blueberries with Mascarpone

Complete your romantic evening with a fruity cocktail. We have exquisite fruit pulp vinegar that makes an ordinary cocktail extraordinary. For you and your sweetheart, may the romance continue. Bourbon and White Peach Shrub Cocktail

Eat Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. De Nigirs.... Bringing the Best of Italy to Your Table.

Make sure to slow down today; enjoy food, laughter, family, and friends!