Balsamico Village to Exhibit at the new F.I.CO Eataly World - Bologna

Posted on 14 November 2017


At F.I.CO. Eataly World, the great “Disneyland of food” imagined by Oscar Farinetti of Eataly, “Balsamico Village Point” can be found: a small peak into the multi-sensory experience offered at the original “Balsamico Village” by De Nigris in the heart of the Italian Balsamic Valley.


Members of the De Nigris Family outside the park

F.I.C.O.’s brand new agro-food park, located in Bologna, is the largest in the world. Tucked away behind the gates, as part of the Italian Farmhouse Factory, visitors can access The Land of Balsamic, the first-ever exhibition dedicated soley to an IGP-certified food product. The unique attraction is designed after the De Nigris Group’s Balsamico Village, located in Carpi, Italy. At Balsamic Village Point, visitors get the full "balsamic experience” without leaving the city of Bologna.


F.I.CO. Eataly World is a project that exponentially expands the experience of Eataly outlets, such as those openings in New York and Los Angeles. Coined the "Disneyland of Italian Food", it offers 100,000 square meters of space that includes fields, farms, forty food factories, over forty refreshment stations, educational facilities, services, a congress center and a foundation with three universities.

The massive food industry project mirrors what prompted De Nigris to create Balsamico Village over a year ago. At the site in Carpi, visitors can admire 173 acres of vineyard in the heart of the Balsamic Valley, walk through gardens to learn about this history of balsamic vinegar, and explore the cellars where eight million liters of wine and grape must transform into the beloved condiment.

Balsamico Village has already attracted a large audience: since its inauguration, nearly 3,500 visitors have passed through the village gates, 80% of which are foreigners primarily from Eastern Europe and the United States.

The Village is regularly a destination for international foodies and connoisseurs thanks to the high-quality tastings offered, during which tasters can delve into the Emilian tradition and gain an appreciation for the different nuances of Balsamic Vinegar.

A wide array of flavors and styles catering to the true vinegar fanatic will be offered at F.I.C.O.’s Balsamic Grounds' shop. The exhibit offers a De Nigris vinegar boutique that replicates those already in place in Carpi and at the Milan, Naples, and Bologna airports.

De Nigris is committed to its ongoing contribution to the spread of culture and tradition surrounding the ancient art of Italian taste.

Doors to FICO Eataly Park open tomorrow November 15th, 2017! More info can be found on the official website: