Italian Martini

Posted on 11 November 2019

Every day is a day to celebrate! And why not celebrate it Italian Martini style! The secret to a delicious Italian Martini is the addition of De Nigris Organic White Modena Vinegar with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. This special vinegar is considered as a sipping vinegar. And if it is good enough to sip, it’s good enough to drink!

The key to a great martini is to get your glasses nice and chilled. Chilling is achieved by placing your martini glasses in the freezer, the fridge, or – in case you are out of time – filling up the glasses with ice water and then dump it before pouring your martini.

In case you wondered, this recipe does call for a shaken martini. If you are in the “stirred” camp, by all means stir! This recipe also calls for gin. If you are in the “vodka” martini camp, by all means switch with vodka. And yes, you can skip the cute rosemary sprig garnish with olive and tomato… but that wouldn’t be very Italian of you.


Alla vostra salute!


Makes 2 drinks

4 ounces gin
4 ounces dry vermouth
1 teaspoon De Nigris Organic White Modena Vinegar with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
2 fresh rosemary sprigs
2 cherry tomatoes
2 green olives


  • Fill cocktail share with ice cubes and add gin, vermouth, and De Nigris Organic White Modena Vinegar.
  • Serve and enjoy!