Creamy One-Pot Balsamic Pasta with Greens

Posted on 07 October 2015

The other night we had some friends over for a last-minute meal and I very quickly realized that last-minute with kids is much more stressful than our last-minute meals without them. Pre-children last-minute meant a solid 30-45 minutes, and maybe even time to go to the store or look at Pinterest.

But post-children? Last-minute means you better get a meal on the table in 10 minutes or no one’s eating at all.

Luckily you really can have dinner on the table in ten minutes with this hearty, creamy pasta that uses ingredients we almost always have on hand. I love the subtle sweetness and bite from the balsamic vinegar, and it pairs so well with the creaminess of mascarpone cheese. If you don’t have access to mascarpone you could use cream cheese, but just note that the cream cheese will make the finished dish a tad bit tangier.

While our last-minute weeknights have certainly changed, I would say it’s been for the better - especially with this amazing one-pot pasta!

creamy one-pot balsamic pasta with greens