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100% Modena

12 Travasi - 100 ml

Complex but balanced flavor. As time goes by, the flavor becomes thicker and sweeter. The  unique flavor of 100% Modena 12 Travasi makes it perfect for Parmesan cheese, risottos, cut beef and dessert (cheese-cake).

100% Modena
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Product Description

Cooked grape must is the main ingredient of our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI. The concentrated grape must comes from the 7 vineyards of Emilia: Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana, Ancellotta, Fortana and  Montuni , after a “soft” pressing and cooking of the ripe grapes, the concentrated grape must ages in antique wooden casks of different woods for a minimum of 1 year. Through a process of 'transfers’ from the big barrel to the smallest barrel. It starts with a barrel of 200 liters and ends in a barrel of 30/40 liters. The transfer period is linked to the wise and traditional recipe of the De Nigris Masters. Usually during the Spring Period.Only after these stages the Balsamic Vinegar has its typical dark brown color and its intense and rich flavor. Only the first part of the cooking called 'MOSTO FIORE' will be used in our 100% Modena Line.