Panzanella ‘in saor’ is an Italian dish that originated in the Veneto region, and is essentially a salad  made with bread, onions, vinegar, raisins, and pine nuts. The term ‘in saor’ means ‘in flavor’ in Venetian dialect and refers to the combination of sweet and sour flavors in the dish.

Our version has the added tang of De Nigris Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, and is served in ‘cups’ made of crunchy lettuce, for added nutritional and visual appeal.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 2 Spanish onions​
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil​
  • 250 g stale bread​
  • 40 g raisins​
  • 130 g marinated anchovies (drained weight)​
  • 20 g pine nuts​
  • 4 large iceberg lettuce leaves​
  • 3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil​
  • 1 tsp Salt​
  • 1 tsp Pepper​
  • De Nigris Apple Cider Vinegar ​
  • Small handful chopped fresh parsley leaves

For the recipe

Lettuce cup with marinated anchovies_denigris_recipe

Peel the onions, slice thinly and cook slowly with one tablespoon olive oil over a low heat for 25 minutes. Once cookedseason with salt and pepper and allow to  cool. 

Pre heat the oven to 220 ºC.  Cut the bread into cubes (about 1 cm square), spread them out on a baking sheet and bake t for about 10 minutes, until crisp and golden. Allow to cool and set aside in a large bowl

Soak the raisins in warm water until plumpthen drain.

Drain the anchovies and add them to the bowl with the  crunchy bread cubesthen add the cooked onion, the raisins and pine nuts. Dress  with the remaining  oil,  season with salt and pepper, mix well and place in fridge to rest for about an hour.

Wash the lettuce leaves, dry them by gently dabbing with kitchen paper, and place them on individual plates

To serve, fill the leaves with the bread salad mix and finish  with a drizzle of De Nigris Apple Cider Vinegar and a sprinkle of fresh parsley leaves.