Ricette Calde

Almond-Textured Caprese Hamburger

Pubblicato il 14 September 2015

The simplest modifications to classic foods can make a significant difference in our eating experience. With De Nigris Platinum Eagle balsamic vinegar and a few other choice ingredients, an American favorite gets a makeover and becomes a Caprese hamburger.

Caprese Hamburger with De Nigris

Caprese hamburgers have several variations of their own. Some recipes call for homemade pesto, others require ground sirloin for the patty.

Boy eating De Nigris Caprese Hamburger

For this Caprese hamburger, I made my own change. Rather than pesto, I mixed chopped almonds into the ground meat before cooking. The slightly crunchy texture partnered well with seasonings. The De Nigris balsamic vinegar drizzled on top made this hamburger an absolute winner. This balsamic’s slightly thick consistency and sweet flavor made not only the perfect topping, but doubled as excellent dipping sauce. I may never eat another homemade burger without it.

Open Caprese hamburger with De NigrisPost and recipe by The Women Bloggers/De Nigris blogger Rhonda Franz of CaptainMom.net.