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Caprese Flatbread with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Pubblicato il 06 December 2015

Pizza night has been a thing in our house since our first year of marriage 8 years ago. It’s something we look forward to, like date night or Saturday morning, and only gets better as time goes on. While the standard pepperoni or sausage and mushroom always makes my tummy happy, sometimes I like to get a little foodie-esque with our creations to make pizza night just a tad fancier.

caprese flatbread with balsamic reduction 1

Do you know that making your own balsamic reduction at home is super simple? You are literally only two ingredients away from having an amazing condiment that will make everything it touches so much tastier. Reducing the balsamic with a little honey makes it sweet and tangy, adding a touch of acidity to dishes that are otherwise very rich (like pizza).

For this exact flatbread I found a great pre-baked crust at a local store, used store-bought pesto, and pulled the tomatoes out of my back yard. The mozzarella was fresh that I hand-shredded (so much creamier that way!), but you could always use shredded mozzarella. No judgement here!

The best part of this flatbread, besides eating it, is how simple it is to throw together. Quick tip though? Make the reduction ahead of time - it will keep your house from smelling like vinegar while you try to eat, and it allows the reduction to cool so that it becomes syrupy and amazing just in time for pizza time!
caprese flatbread with balsamic reduction 3